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Interviews with Dova Wolfe Williams, Mildred McMullen, June Sinclair, Beulah V. White, Florence Mallott, Irma Van Natter and Ezra G. Reese.
00:00:01 - Introduction, Dova Wolfe Williams on June 15, 1962 by Norma Sinclair at Norton, KS
00:00:23 - Signs and superstitions
00:02:37 - Folk beliefs
00:04:32 - Weather wisdom
00:05:52 - Cures and remedies
00:08:07 - Superstitions
00:08:34 - Poetry from an autograph book from the early 1900s
00:16:40 - Superstitions and proverbs
00:21:10 - Introduction, Mildred McMullen Green of Norton, KS on June 16-17, 1962 by Norma Sinclair
00:21:32 - Ballad from her Masters Thesis, The Prairie Sings , "The Cork Leg"
00:25:07 - "Spirit of the Plains" Based on the experience of her grandmother, Belinda Webber
00:30:49 - Introduction, June Sinclair of Wichita, KS by Norma Sinclair
00:31:09 - Little Moron jokes
00:32:47 - Sentimental songs sung at funerals for children. "Two Little Hands"
00:34:07 - Introduction, Beulah V. Murphy White of Bonner Springs, KS on April 16, 1965 by Mary Jane Tague.
00:34:45 - Folk lore and sayings
00:36:01 - History of Pat and Mike Jokes
00:37:59 - Music of the area
00:38:52 - Last line of a song about a blind girl, "They Tell me Father . . .", vocal
00:39:21 - Last line of a song about a prince and a princess, "I could not help but love him", vocal
00:40:30 - Partial song about a girl who sought help in a barroom, "She's only a maiden . . .", vocal
00:40:58 - Railroad songs
00:42:02 - Introduction, Florence Mallott of Edwardsville, KS on April 18, 1965 by Mary Jane Tague
00:42:26 - Story and song about a Black boy writing a song for his love interest (racist language)
00:43:37 - Introduction, Irma Van Natter of Carl Junction, MO on April 27, 1965 by Mary Jane Tague.
00:43:59 - Song, "Tell me father", vocal
00:46:53 - Song, "Down By the Weeping Willow", vocal
00:49:41 - Song, "Put My Little Shoes Away", vocal
00:52:31 - Introduction, Ezra G. Reese by Irma Natter
00:52:37 - Biographical information and early life
00:53:48 - Salvation Army Song, "Roll the Ole' Chariots", vocal
00:55:30 - Pat and Mike jokes
01:01:22 - "Big Rock Candy Mountain" read by a woman

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Proverbs, Folk stories, Folk tales, Folklore, Gardening, Norton County (Kan.), Sod houses, Frontier & pioneer life, McPherson County (Kan.)


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Interviews with Dova Wolfe Williams, Mildred McMullen, June Sinclair, Beulah V. White, Florence Mallott and Ima Van Natter


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