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Interviews with Harold Riisoe and Zelma Sibley.
00:00:01 - Introduction, Harold Riisoe of Kinsley, KS
00:00:25 - Childhood in Norway
00:01:14 - Norwegian song, vocal and guitar, with English translation
00:04:10 - Song, "A New Pig in the Parlor" vocal and guitar
00:05:11 - Song, Square Dance, vocal and guitar
00:05:40 - Song, "Sailing East", vocal and guitar
00:06:17 - Song, "Coffee Grows on White Oak Stumps"
00:08:13 - May 17th Norwegian Independence Day celebrations
00:10:10 - Food and recipes
00:16:22 - Predicting the sex of a baby
00:16:44 - Song, square dance, fiddle and guitar
00:18:07 - Song, "Chase that Possum", fiddle and guitar
00:18:50 - Song, Polka square dance, fiddle and guitar
00:19:38 - Song, "Little Brown Jug", fiddle, vocal, and guitar
00:21:04 - Song, "Heel and Toe Polka", fiddle and guitar
00:22:30 - Song, "Waltz Quadrille", fiddle, vocal, and guitar
00:23:51 - Song, "The Rye Waltz", fiddle and guitar
00:24:50 - Song, "The Cake Waltz", fiddle and guitar
00:26:09 - Song, "Rag-time Annie", fiddle and guitar
00:27:29 - Song, "Schottische", fiddle and guitar
00:28:42 - Unidentified song, fiddle and guitar
00:29:53 - Song, "Put Your Little Foot", fiddle and guitar
00:31:12 - Song, "Flying Dutchman", fiddle and guitar
00:33:08 - 44th birthday
00:34:31 - Blizzard of 1886
00:37:47 - Introduction, Zela Sibley of Lewis, KS
00:38:24 - Song, "Little Blossom", vocal and piano
00:42:50 - Song, "The Sailor's Daughter", vocal and piano
00:45:06 - Song, "Babes in the Woods", vocal and piano
00:46:32 - Song, "The Black Sheep", vocal and piano
00:51:17 - A Salvation Army song, vocal and piano
00:52:44 - Unknown man, poem, "Two babes were born in the self-same town"

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Folk songs, Folk music, Poetry, Norway, Superstitions, Singing, Folk lore


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Interviews with Harold Riisoe and Zelma Sibley


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