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A black and white photo of a framed display of 18 pictures. These pictures are of fossils found in Western Kansas and the areas where the fossils were found. Sternberg Pictures in Frame. Left top - Three genera of mosasaurs. Left 1st center - The right front paddles of a large plesiosaurus. Left 2nd center - Cretaceous chalk rock exposures. Left bottom - L. D. Wooster and his Geology Class of 1926 examining Cretaceous chalk exposures or badlands south of Oakley, Kansas. Top center four - A 13 foot fossil fish Portheus molossus of our college. The three views above show it being collected and prepared. Interested visitors at the quarry are shown. Center three - Three views of the Pyramid Rocks which are 26 miles southeast of Oakley in Gove County. ; Bottom center two - G. F. Sternberg's camp at the famous crinoid quarry. Uintacrinus socialis. of Logan County, Kansas. Deeply eroded badlands of Cretaceous chalk commonly known as Jerusalem, 24 miles south of Oakley, Kansas. ; Top right - Two views of the 22 1/2 inch lower jaws of a young mastodon. They were found in a sand pit in Lane County, Kansas, by Roy Watt. They are of the Tertiary age. ; Right 1st center - G. F. Sternberg undermining a large section of a fossil fish. ; Right 2nd center - Two views of a 12 foot fossil fish Portheus, showing it being covered with plaster and how it looked when uncovered, still in the rock. ; Bottom right - A group of local cattlemen watching the above fish being prepared for shipment. This fish which was collected in Logan Co., was sent to the U.S. National Museum, Washington, D. C.

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