George Sternberg Album #2 - Early Canadian Views


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This page is from George Sternberg's personal photo album. This page contains a collection of four photos taken by George Sternberg, a noted paleontologist. These photos depict both close-up and distance shots of an outcrop, a river, and the foliage surrounding the river. Two of these photos are of the same rippling marks in a slab of rock that Sternberg and his team have uncovered. One of the pictures of the ripple marks is closer in view and from a different angle. These black-and-white shots each have a handwritten inscription from Sternberg detailing some of the objects and scenery in the photograph. Sternberg was joined in taking these photos by a team; they made camp on the riverbed while looking for fossils and exploring the quarry.

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11 x 15 inch post-bound photographic scrapbook




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A close view of a slab of ripple marks collected on left side of river near R. Tolman's ranch, R-22, T-33, S-26 35140-16. ; Quarry where ripple marks were collected, the same layer is several hundred feet long and lays between two seams of coal, note our camp on river, R-22, T-33, S-26 35141-16. Coal (followed by an arrow). Coal (followed by an arrow). ; This splendid slab of ripple marks is about 4 feet by 6 feet. Same as above. 35139-16. ; Looking up the river from a point on right bank, our camp on left bank, R-22, T-33, S-27 35122-16.