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Interviews with Father Alfred Carning, Ralph and Mary Compton, Ken Solomon.
00:00:00 - Introduction to interview with Father Alfred Carning by Father Gilbert Beyer on May 21, 1965 at Hays, KS
00:00:26 - Story about the stout Capuchin priest, Father Jerome Miller and the Bishop Cunningham's slippers
00:02:27 - Father Cunningham and Bishop Fink's long sermons
00:05:03 - Bishop Cunningham and the handwashing basin
00:06:36 - Song, "Die Ultima" or "The End" vocal in Latin, German, and then in English
00:10:39 - Song, "Er Liebe Hoch" or "He Should Live High" vocal in German and then in English
00:12:46 - Father Jerome Miller and "Chicken Eye Salve"
00:14:31 - Song, "Capuchin Ballad" vocal duet
00:19:23 - Introduction to interview with Ralph and Mary Compton of Greensburg, KS
00:19:31 - Mary Compton on her family coming to Kansas from England and Iowa and settling in Russell County and Stafford County and their life as homesteaders.
00:21:21 - Entertainment on the frontier
00:22:19 - Learning the alphabet
00:23:36 - Ralph Compton on the stories he knows about the old west
00:24:21 - Old proverbs
00:25:04 - Song, "Redwing" vocal
00:25:32 - Song, "Creole Sue" vocal
00:25:52 - Song, "I Wonder How the Old Folks Are At Home" vocal
00:26:13 - Song, "Casey Jones" vocal
00:26:53 - Square dancing at home and games played
00:27:36 - Introduction to interview with Ken Solomon of Hays, KS on May 16, 1965
00:27:58 - Sayings and customs learned as a soldier in Korea
00:30:13 - Treatment of American soldiers in Korea
00:31:07 - Kimchi
00:32:19 - Food eaten in the Philippines
00:33:00 - Food eaten in Japan
00:35:12 - Japanese bath houses
00:36:13 - Korean bath houses
00:37:53 - Korean customs of borrowing and returning items
00:39:25 - Animals in Korea
00:40:05 - Farming in Korea
00:44:09 - Living conditions in Korea
00:45:04 - Goats instead of lawn mowers
00:45:04 - Work with nuclear weapons
00:48:26 - Song, "Itazuki Tower" spoken word
00:49:10 - Song, "The Officer's Club" spoken word
00:50:17 - Song, "Airforce Toast" spoken word
00:51:44 - The tape jumps to a square dance call in progress
00:54:09 - Square dance call
00:55:50 - Square dance call
00:58:16 - Square dance call
01:00:51 - Square dance call
01:03:43 - Square dance call
01:06:33 - Elephant jokes
01:17:12 - Assorted jokes

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Folk music, Folk songs, Catholic Church--Clergy, Priests, Concordia (Kan.), Victoria (Kan.), Saint Fidelis Monastery (Victoria, Kan.), Russell (Kan.), Frontier & pioneer life, Homesteading, Sod houses, Korea, United States Air Force, Square dancing, Jokes


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Interviews with Father Alfred Carning, Ralph and Mary Compton and Ken Solomon


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