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Interview with George King of Hays, KS.
00:00:09 - Introduction
00:00:28 - Buffalo Bill and life at Old Fort Hays
. 00:02:47 - Building of Fort Hays State College and description of early Hays City
00:03:33 - Seven bodies of prostitutes moved from Boot Hill
00:04:23 - A robbery and attempted murder
00:05:49 - Hays courthouse burning down and attempted jail break
00:07:53 - Shootings in town
00:09:25 - His mother's arrival in Hays and her pet buffalo
00:12:52 - Old timers of Hays and selling empty bottles as children
00:14:02 - The rag man
00:14:54 - Playing with ice as children and the first electric lights
00:16:04 - Old soldiers' and old settlers' get togethers and a brawl
00:17:35 - Halloween activities
00:19:14 - Why he quit school and became a baker
00:22:23 - Real estate dealings and early Hays buildings
00:25:22 - Early work and wages
00:31:13 - Singing in Malloy's productions
00:32:45 - Friendship with vice-president Charles Curtis
00:33:33 - Losing a son in the war and his other children
00:37:29 - Discovery of an Indigenous American campground and information about Wild Bill Hickok
00:41:18 - Hays prostitutes
00:43:11 - Childhood games
00:44:38 - Duties in the bakery
00:45:53 - Story about Shriners using the toilet at his place of business
00:47:11 - Grinding grain
00:48:47 - Madden's wealth
00:50:20 - Stories about Dr. Joseph Henry Middlekauff and his family
00:56:21 - Stories about Charles Curtis helping with various issues
01:03:42 - Stories about early football in the state
01:13:09 - Killing a mountain lion and more on his mother's buffalo
01:16:00 - Early water system in Hays and a winter fire
01:17:19 - Stories about wintertime including trips to other towns, feeding cattle, and snowstorms
01:23:25 - Local legends regarding disappearances

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reel-to-reel audio and accompanying documentation


William F. Cody, Indigenous people, Fort Hays State University, Syphilis, Victoria (Kan.), Ellis County (Kan.)


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Interview with George King of Hays, Kansas


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