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Interviews with Myrtice M. Dawkins, Linnie Bell Withers, Debra Sue Dawkins, Dillie Doryl Rader, and Marth Kathreen Highland. 00:00:01 - Introduction, Samuel Orville Withers of Bucklin, KS on June 10, 1962
00:00:09 - Song, "It Came In My Window"
00:01:55 - Untitled song
00:02:20 - Introduction, Linnie Bell Withers on June 15, 1962
00:02:48 - The blizzard of 1886
00:05:41 - Introduction, Debra Sue Dawkins on June 15, 1962
00:06:12 - Jump rope rhyme, "Postman, Postman"
00:06:33 - Jump rope rhyme, "Cinderella Dressed in Yellow"
00:06:50 - Jump rope rhyme, "Down In The Valley"
00:07:15 - Jump rope rhyme, "I Like Coffee"
00:07:38 - Song parody, "My eyes have seen the glory of the burning of the school"
00:08:27 - Introduction, Dillie Doryl Rader on June 15, 1962
00:09:03 - How songs are passed from generation to generation
00:10:19 - Song, "Might Near Like Soldier's Joy"
00:11:44 - Song, [title unclear]
00:12:46 - Song, "Up Jumped Trouble"
00:13:51 - Recording picks up in the middle of a song
00:14:56 - Narrator introduces the song "The Red Apple Rag" but the song was not recorded.
00:15:00 - Introduction, Mary Kathreen Highland on June 17, 1962
00:15:25 - Birth on a homestead in 1882
00:16:35 - Working for the Spearville Newspaper, as a teacher, and as a farmer
00:21:05 - Poem, "Kansas"
00:24:14 - Gardening in the early days versus today
00:27:23 - Poem, "Kansas Land" written by A.H. Farrell in 1888
00:34:25 - History of 100 years of teaching in the family
00:35:30 - Myrtice M. Dawkins reading from her grandmother, Ada M. Jackson's autograph book from 1882-1888

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reel-to-reel audio and accompanying documentation


Blizzards, Weather, Folk songs, Folk music, Nursery rhymes, Frontier & pioneer life, Homesteading, Kansas, Missouri, Spearville (Kan.), Jetmore (Kan.), Dodge City (Kan.), Ford County (Kan.)


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Interviews with Samuel Orville Withers, Linnie Bell Withers, Debra Sue Dawkins, Dillie Doryl Rader, and Marth Kathreen Highland


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