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Interviews with Sarah Pearson, Effie May Sullivan, Sherry Lou Stephen, Clella Berry, Ella Brooks, A.J. Ives and family, Otto Schook, Normandine Reese, and others.
00:00:00 - Recording begins with Sarah Pearson singing a song.
00:00:07 - Kansas, a poem. Recording is muffled but quality improves.
00:05:12 - Song, "Skip To My Lou" played on accordion
00:05:49 - Song, "The Lazy Polka" played on accordion
00:06:27 - Birth and the wagon train trip to Kansas
00:09:14 - Experience with Indigenous Americans
00:09:48 - Quality of recording degrades and is unintelligible
00:10:47 - Quality of recording recovers
00:11:36 - Marriage and life with her husband
00:14:07 - Moving from the dug-out to the soddie
00:15:00 - Trip to Oregon to bury her mother-in-law
00:16:50 - Unidentified female contributor, move to Kansas from Iowa in 1878 in a covered wagon.
00:17:53 - Homesteading in Norton County in 1879
00:18:05 - Family make-up and first school in 1887
00:18:52 - Difficulties of frontier life
00:19:27 - Marriage at the age of 20 and family life
00:20:48 - Raising chickens on the prairie
00:21:23 - Availability of medical care for sickness and childbirth
00:21:52 - Available entertainment
00:22:41 - Clella Berry, poem "When I drove my kiddies to town one day . . . "
00:23:22 - Poem, "The Old Wooden Rocker"
00:22:44 - Unidentified male contributor, the world's largest kite in 1899
00:29:12 - Sarah Pearson, 19th Kansas Cavalry volunteers rescuing two women from and Indigenous Americans in 1868.
00:34:35 - Homesteading near Logan, KS in 1878
00:35:44 - Ella Eileen Meadows Brooks, move to the United States from England in 1944 and life in England
00:38:08 - Experience in England during WWII
00:39:00 - Her parents and marriage to an American soldier
00:40:18 - Her children, the end of the war, and moving to the United States
00:42:40 - A.J. Ives and family singing "The Old Time Religion"
00:43:45 - Otto Schook, the stations of the cross
00:51:14 - Biographical information
00:51:40 - Normandine Reese and Others, "Cinderella Dressed in Yellow" (jump rope rhyme)
00:52:07 - "Mother, Mother, I am Ill" (jump rope rhyme)
00:52:35 - "Mother, Mother, Can I Go?" (jump rope rhyme)
00:53:15 - Untitled poem and jokes
00:53:46 - "Peas Porridge Hot" (jump rope rhyme)
00:54:03 - "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around" (jump rope rhyme)

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reel-to-reel audio and accompanying documentation


Folk music, Folk songs, Frontier & pioneer life, Mitchell County (Kan.), Glen Elder, (Kan.), Indigenous people, Sod houses, Dugout houses, Logan County (Kan.), Military History, Concordia (Kan.), Holton (Kan.), World War II, War brides, Immigrants -- Germany, Immigrants -- England


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Interviews with Sarah Pearson, Effie May Sullivan, Sherry Lou Stephen, Clella Berry, Mrs. Fullbright, A.J. Ives and family, Otto Schook, Normandine Reese, and Others


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