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Interview with Gertrude Warren, Armenta Allison, and Amy Toepfer. The beginning of the tape is too quiet to hear and the overall recording quality is poor. 00:01:14 - Superstitions about mud
00:04:30 - Trip to Kansas in a covered wagon
00:08:03 - Wolves attack their horses
00:10:02 - How they got their water
00:10:25 - Early schooling
00:11:12 - Games they played
00:11:35 - Their dugout
00:12:58 - More on the trip from Illinois to Kansas in a covered wagon
00:14:44 - Their wedding when she was 16 years old
00:15:31 - Opinion against child marriages
00:17:34 - Story about staying too long at a neighbor's house
00:19:03 - Attitude towards wearing shoes as a child
00:20:12 - Lynching a man from a railroad bridge
00:21:10 - Indigenous Americans and buffalo
00:24:18 - Pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing
00:26:40 - More about her wedding
00:27:45 - Song, "The Wedding of the Honey Bees" (vocal)
00:29:37 - Life on a Kansas farm
00:34:58 - Discussion of the name of the town
00:36:16 - Support for sundown laws
00:37:54 - Experiences as a meat-cutter
00:40:30 - Story about soldiers killing Indigenous Americans
00:44:06 - Killing of a dog
00:46:17 - Further villainy of the soldiers
00:48:10 - Story about a murder-suicide involving a father and his children
00:50:57 - Young man disappears for 40 years
00:54:09 - Sewing up an apprentice's pocket so he wouldn't stand with his hands in his pockets
00:55:27 - Baked possum, wild game, and preparing and preserving meat
01:00:51 - History of Adolphe and holding a claim
01:03:08 - Childhood games, activities, and Christmas celebrations
01:14:48 - Introduction, Amy Toepfer of Hays, KS. May 9, 1962.
01:15:09 - Volga-German superstitions related to the Kirghiz night raids
01:21:10 - Role of religious conviction in superstitions
01:22:44 - Boys planting trees on May 1 for their girlfriends
01:25:00 - Superstitions surrounding cemeteries
01:26:54 - Volga-German Clans

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Germans from Russia, Volga-Germans, Folk lore, Folk stories, Frontier & pioneer life, Dugout houses, Sod houses, Indigenous people, Indigenous Americans, Farming, Jim Crow, Racism, African Americans, Domestic violence, Crime, Murder, Salina (Kan.), Hays (Kan.), Brookville (Kan.), Ghost stories, Witchcraft


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Interview with Gertrude Warren, Armenta Allison, and Amy Toepfer


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