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Interviews with John Pearson, Harry Kidd, Jake Pfeifer, Bertha Van Newman, and Alice F. Kuiper.
00:00:00 - Interview with John Pearson of Prairie View, KS on June 15, 1962
00:00:23 - Song, "Way Down In The Low Green Valley"
00:03:48 - Song, "It Was Sad When That Great Ship Went Down" (Song about the Titanic)
00:06:10 - Song, "Rosewood Casket"
00:09:37 - Song, "A Message from Home, Sweet Home"
00:13:27 - Song, "On The Site Of Dark and Bloody Ground"
00:17:24 - Song, "Beyond the Rio Grande"
00:23:06 - Introduction, Harry Kidd of Prairie View, KS on June 16, 1962
00:23:30 - Coming to Kansas in a covered wagon and surviving the first winter
00:32:05 - Foraging for food
00:33:07 - The local grist mill
00:34:49 - Farm machinery
00:39:12 - Spinning and weaving at home for cloth
00:42:05 - Life on the homestead
00:46:40 - Local Sioux population
00:51:00 - Local animal populations
00:53:50 - Personal accidents and injuries
01:05:08 - Prairie Fires
01:12:08 - Introduction, Jake Kuiper of Prairie View, KS
01:12:26 - Parents immigrating from Holland
01:13:05 - Dutch nursery rhymes and proverbs
01:17:14 - Introduction to song sung by person from Great Bend, KS
01:17:53 - Song, "The Ship That Never Returned"
01:18:55 - Introduction, Bertha Van Newman of Prairie View, KS on June 20, 1962
01:19:33 - Family immigrating from Holland and homesteading in Kansas
01:22:48 - Dutch proverbs, riddles, poems, and superstitions
01:27:39 - Her grandfather and his death
01:29:51 - Community celebrations
01:32:21 - Introduction, Alice F. Kuiper of Prairie View, KS
01:32:33 - Song, "My name is Jan Johnson"
01:33:11 - Song, "Sweet Rosie O'Grady"

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Folk music, Folk songs, Frontier & pioneer life, Pawnee (Kan.), Kirwin (Kan.), Farming, Indigenous people


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Interviews with John Pearson, Harry Kidd, Jake Pfeifer, Bertha Van Newman, and Alice F. Kuiper


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