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An interview with Lottie and Willard N. Mills, Edward Dodge, and Raymond Bower containing various songs, stories, and reminiscences.
00:00:25 - Lottie Mills, Song, Only Common Bill
00:01:39 - Willard Mills, Song, Only Common Bill (alternate tune)
00:02:52 - Lottie Mills, Song, I'll Make a Cake For Charlie
00:03:19 - Song, My Mother Will Buy Me A Rubber Dolly
00:04:21 - Song, The Baggage Coach
00:07:23 - Song, Samson and the mule
00:08:13 - Willard Mills, song, Grandfather's Clock
00:08:45 - Lottie Mills, childhood games
00:10:33 - Willard Mills, song, Oh How He Lied
00:12:00 - Edward Dodge, introduction. This interview is transcribed.
00:12:13 - Murder of the Haufmaster girl south of Great Bend and subsequent hanging of the killer
00:16:19 - Lynching and dragging of a Black man in Great Bend
00:19:11 - Brothers and sisters
00:20:03 - Early Great Bend
00:22:55 - First home in Great Bend
00:24:29 - Working cattle
00:25:47 - Christmas customs
00:27:38 - Experience with Indigenous Americans
00:29:04 - Mouse in the molasses
00:31:09 - Oxen collared like horses
00:33:07 - Unknown man, recitation, the story of the farmer
00:34:50 - Recitation, The Little Boy's Soliloquy
00:35:39 - Recitation, Three Boys Arguing
00:36:15 - Recitation, The 500-word Theme
00:37:06 - Song, The Old Armchair
00:38:20 - Song, Why I Love and Adore Jesus
00:41:15 - Raymond Bower, introduction. This interview is transcribed
00:41:34 - Biographical information
00:42:35 - Stories told to Mr. Bower by Jules Van Meter
00:43:10 - Experience with the Pawnee Bob in about 1874
00:44:47 - Shooting a mouse off a shelf in 1875
00:45:45 - Haunting at Gray's Draw
00:48:46 - Story of William Gibbon
00:49:36 - Story of Squire "Hankie" Oliver, Justice of the Peace for Norton County
00:50:39 - Story of Grose Page, Norton cattle buyer

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reel-to-reel audio and accompanying documentation


Folk songs, Crime, Hanging, Murder, Great Bend (Kan.), Vigilante justice, African Americans, Indigenous Americans, Pawnee Rock (Kan.), Kanopolis (Kan.), Norton County (Kan.), Ghost stories, Hauntings


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Interview with Lottie and Willard N. Mills, Edward Dodge, and Raymond Bower


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