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Interview with J.W. Hickman, Lois Abbot, Velma Goodbody, Mrs. E.D. Brenneman, Herman J. Tholen, Freda Desbian, and Amy Toepfer. Recording includes a variety of old stories and songs along with food culture and Kansas history. Some parts of the recording are unintelligible.
00:00:00 - J.W. Hickman introduction
00:00:14 - Cattle business in Jewell County, KS
00:02:53 - Experience with Indigenous Americans
00:06:47 - Forts in Kansas in 1878 and Fort Larned
00:09:28 - Pawnee Rock
00:09:58 - Santa Fe Trail
00:10:28 - Trees in Kansas
00:15:26 - Louis Abbot introduction
00:15:58 - St. John, KS in 1898
00:17:40 - Life on the farm
00:19:40 - Schools
00:20:20 - Road conditions
00:20:37 - Churches
00:22:18 - Trees in St. John
00:22:58 - Local social and fraternal clubs
00:23:30 - Population of St. John
00:24:00 - Condition of the land and farming
00:25:14 - Oil business in St. John
00:26:18 - Physicians in St. John
00:27:31 - Song, "Babes in the Wood", sung by Velma Goodbody
00:29:35 - Mrs. E.D. Brenneman introduction
00:30:00 - Song, "Dying Cowboy" (Streets of Laredo) 00:32:42 - Song, "Charles Gateau" (The Murder of James Garfield)
00:34:10 - Herman J. Tholen introduction
00:35:01 - Song, "Babes in the Wood"
00:36:05 - Learning the song in 1898
00:37:01 - Cowboy or barroom song (Streets of Laredo)
00:38:41 - Story about Haverkamp of Grinnell
00:40:26 - Ellis county farmer going to Kansas City
00:41:33 - Volga German weddings in Ellis County
00:44:15 - Frieda Desbian and a story of a murder in Zurich
00:47:18 - Amy Toepfer introduction
00:47:44 - The young man who didn't say his prayers before going to the river and became bewitched
00:50:57 - Kugelsuppe (butter ball soup)
00:52:12 - Cherry tart
00:53:30 - German New Year's wish

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reel-to-reel audio and accompanying documentation


Stafford County (Kan.), St. John (Kan.), Kansas State Teachers College (Pittsburg, Kan.), Hays (Kan.), Indigenous Americans, Fort Larned (Kan.), Fort Dodge (Kan.), Jewell County (Kan.), White Rock River (Kan.), Republican River (Kan.), Walnut River (Kan.), Arkansas River (Kan.), Rural schools, African Americans, Mapleton (Kan.), Folk stories, Folk songs


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Interview with J.W. Hickman, Lois Abbot, Velma Goodbody, Mrs. E.D. Brenneman, Herman J. Tholen, Freda Desbian, and Amy Toepfer


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