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Kansas Folklore Society Concert - May 2, 1968
00:00:00 - Song, "Jack and Joe", vocal and guitar, in progress
00:03:25 - Song, "Tie Ten Knots in the Devil's Tail", vocal and guitar
00:07:56 - Song, "Wednesday Night Walts", guitar and fiddle
00:09:31 - Song, "Heel and Toe Polka", guitar and fiddle
00:10:33 - Song, "Irish Washerwoman", guitar and fiddle
00:12:16 - Song, "Chivalrous Shark", autoharp and vocal
00:15:31 - Song, "Mi amore, mi corazon", autoharp and vocal
00:18:09 - Song, "Little Ole Sod Shanty on the Claim", guitar and vocal
00:19:54 - Song, "John Henry," guitar and vocal
00:23:06 - Remarks, audio is difficult to understand.
00:23:42 - Song, "When Robert Kennedy was a Little Boy", guitar and vocal
00:24:14 - Song, "The Lost Indian", guitar and fiddle
00:25:32 - Song, "The Grey Eagle", guitar and fiddle
00:26:35 - Song, "The Cake Walk", guitar and fiddle
00:28:01 - Song, "Lullaby Land", guitar and fiddle
00:29:46 - Song, "Shenandoah", autoharp and vocal
00:33:26 - Song, "Turn Around", autoharp and vocal
00:35:14 - Song, "My Mother was a Lady", guitar and vocal
00:39:25 - Song, "Jesus Hold My Hand", guitar and vocal
00:41:56 - Song, "Well It's All Right", guitar and vocal
00:43:46 - Song, "500 miles", guitar and vocal
00:45:51 - Song, "Ole' Blue", guitar and vocal
00:47:14 - Introduction, Mame L. Williamson of Garden City, KS
00:47:42 - Song, "Touch Not the Cup", piano and vocal
00:48:39 - Song, "Jack and Jill", piano and vocal
00:49:16 - Song, "Come Away", piano and vocal
00:49:54 - Song, "Work, For the Night is Coming", piano and vocal
00:51:06 - Song, "My Pussy", piano and vocal
00:51:55 - Introduction, William S. Florer of Deerfield, KS
00:52:34 - Square dance calls

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Folklore, Societies, Concerts, Kansas, Lectures, Folk music, Singing, Hays (Kan.), Ellis County (Kan.), Stringed instruments, Guitars


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