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Interviews with Carl T. Bode, Isabelle Fritschen, Joseph H. Hirt, Mary G. Hirt, and Minnie Campbell. The recording includes a variety of German-language songs. The last half of the recording is dedicated to Minnie Campbell telling about her time working for Mother Bickerdyke. The first few minutes of the recording are missing.
00:00:13 - Song, The Messenger Bird sung by Joseph H. Hirt and translated by Isabelle Fritschen
00:01:35 - Song, Birdie in the Window, sung by Mary Gertrude Hirt
00:02:59 - Story of Peter John Thielen's experience in the Franco-Prussian War told by Joseph Hirt
00:05:27 - Grandfather's experience with wild cattle told by Isabelle Fritschen
00:07:31 - Carl T. Bode introduction
00:08:46 - Nursery rhyme about hands
00:09:09 - The Cuckoo and the Donkey
00:09:42 - Sleep Baby Sleep
00:10:24 - Golden Evening Sun
00:11:00 - Beautiful Moon
00:12:10 - My Homeland
00:13:50 - Minnie Campbell Introduction
00:14:05 - Experiences as Mother Bickerdyke's secretary
00:14:35 - Mother Bickerdyke's 81st birthday celebration in Bunker Hill, KS
00:19:59 - Mother Bickerdyke's portrait
00:23:55 - How Lydia Foster, Mother Bickerdyke's Black maid came to live with her.
00:26:34 - Mother Bickerdyke's death
00:29:34 - Mother Bickerdyke's burial in Galesburg, Illinois
00:30:28 - Working for Mother Bickerdyke
00:34:01 - Going to School as a student of James Bickerdyke, Mother Bickerdyke's son
00:35:26 - Decline of Bunker Hill, KS
00:37:15 - Russell stealing the county seat from Bunker Hill
00:38:09 - Closing of the Dorrance, KS bank
00:39:00 - Mother Bickerdyke's personality
00:42:34 - Experience with Nina Brown Baker author of Cyclone in Calico
00:48:24 - Mother Bickerdyke Home for Widows and Children in Ellsworth, KS
00:51:13 - Post script

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reel-to-reel audio and accompanying documentation


Folk songs, German, War stories, Immigrants -- Germany, Michigan, Wilson (Kan.), Dorrance (Kan.), Saline River (Kan.), Matt Thielen, Lucas (Kan.), Nursery rhymes, Bickerdyke- Mary Ann (1817-1901), Bunker Hill (Kan.), African Americans, Wes Foster, Sherman- William T. (William Tecumseh) 1820-1891, Russell (Kan.), Russell County (Kan.)


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Interviews with Carl T. Bode, Isabelle Fritschen, Joseph H. Hirt, Mary G. Hirt, and Minnie Campbell


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