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Interview with Lawrence Weigel.
00:00:00 - Introduction, Lawrence Weigel of Hays, KS
00:00:56 - Song, "Brautliede" or "Bride's Song"
00:03:34 - Song, "Ihr Musikanten tut mir spielen" or "Musicians, you should play!" 00:05:06 - Song, "Das glaslein das muss wandern" or "The Glass must be passed around "
00:06:34 - Song, "Das Schwarzbraunes Bier" or "The Black-Brown Beer"
00:08:25 - Song, "Ich Liebe Ein Mädchen Von 18 Jahre" or "I Love a Maiden Eighteen Years Old"
00:10:15 - Song, "War in Wien Gewesen" or "When I was in Vienna"
00:11:36 - Song, "Schweizerlied" or "Swiss Song"
00:13:06 - Song, "Die Abreise von Riga" or "The Departure from Riga (Latvia)"
00:14:40 - Song, "Herz, mein Herz" or "Heart, my Heart"
00:16:51 - Song, "Das Traurigkeit erschütterte da herunt iben namen"
00:18:18 - Song, "jezt ist die Zeit und Stunde nahe" or "Now the Time and Hour is Near"
00:20:40 - Song, "In Russland ich ma nach nie leben" or "I'll Never Live In Russia"
00:21:52 - Song, "Schoene Dame" or "Beautiful Lady"
00:23:20 - Song, "Die Hausfrau" or "The Housewife"
00:24:13 - Song, "Das Mädchen on im brunnen gehen"
00:25:04 - Song, "Oh, was sind wir arme Bauern" or "Oh What Poor Farmers We Are"
00:26:37 - Song, "Der Goldene Rosenkranz" or "The Golden Rosary"
00:28:15 - Introduction, Lloyd White of Colby, KS
00:28:32 - Biographical information and background of song
00:29:26 - Original song, "Corn Shucking Song"
00:32:52 - Introduction, Murray Edwards of Atwood, KS
00:33:00 - Background information on song
00:34:36 - Song, "Tie Ten Knots in the Devil's Tail"
00:37:02 - Song, "Jack and Joe"

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Folk songs, Folk music, Volga Germans, Singing, Homesteading, Frontier & pioneer life, Accordions


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Interview with Lawrence Weigel, Lloyd White, and Murray Edwards


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