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An interview with several persons of Swedish and Volga German descent living in WaKeeney, KS. Recording includes Swedish and German language songs and stories about life on the plains in Kansas and in Russia. The beginning of the recording is quiet. Persons interviewed include Phillip Hanson, Margaret Hanson, Ella Powers, Othelia Knutson, Eva Meisner, Lena Schwein, Mildred Walker, Emil Olson, Otto Olson, Hannah Nelson, and Dale Olson.
Phillip Hanson
00:00:33 - Swedish folksong
00:01:27 - The Legend of the Missing Dinner
00:02:53 - Margaret Hanson, mistaking tumbleweeds for Indigenous Americans
00:03:48 - Ella Powers, Threshing-machine Canyon
00:06:17 - Margaret Hanson, Origin of the names of Ogallah and WaKeeney, KS
00:07:07 - Othelia Knutson, A Volga German Journey
00:15:28 - Eva Meisner and Lena Schwein sing "Gott is die Liebe" (God is Love)
00:17:38 - Song, "Von meinem Heiland Erzähl Gern" (I Love to Tell About My Lord)
00:20:41 - Mildred Walker, Life in a sod house
00:30:46 - Ella Powers, Emil Olson, Otto Olson, Hannah Nelson, and Dale Olson introduction
00:31:20 - Hannah Nelson, Swedish song
00:33:26 - Ella Powers, Pioneer life
00:37:36 - Dale Olson, memories of Grandpa Olson
00:38:16 - Emil Olson, Homesteading in Trego County, KS
00:42:48 - Otto Olson, Life as a child on a homestead in Trego County, KS
00:47:04 - Hannah Nelson, Life on a farm

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reel-to-reel audio and accompanying documentation


Immigrants--Sweden, Folk songs, Folk tales, Ogallah (Kan.), Volga Germans, Influenza Epidemic (1918-1919), Immigrants--Germany, Sod houses, Wildfires, Locusts, Farming, Frontier & pioneer life, Homesteaders


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Interview with Swedish Immigrants Living in WaKeeney, Kansas


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