SACAD: John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activity Days


Throughout the past year our group has been working toward the construction of a robot. Our goal with this robot was to compete in the competition laid out by VEX robotics. Our robot would be built using the VEX robotics pieces as well as some custom-made parts. We utilized the engineering design process to ensure that we were working as efficiently as possible, whilst also working towards making the greatest bot. The first semester had us split into two teams, with both going to Pittsburgh KS to compete against other universities from across the state. After this competition, we combined the best features of both of our bots into a more improved robot. With this robot we went to Memphis TN to compete against other universities from across the nation. where we were able to win the tournament.

Faculty Advisor

Zach Pixler


Applied Technology

Submission Type

in-person poster




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