SACAD: John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activity Days


Exercise is Medicine on Campus (EIM-OC) envisions a campus culture where all members, across various fields, embrace and implement its principles to transform chronic disease prevention and management. Exercise is Medicine-On Campus fosters collaborative relationships and leadership within the campus community by advertising a healthy lifestyle through fun activities to those studying other Majors/Concentrations. Through a series of events, EIM-OC addresses multiple aspects of health promotion. Events focus on promoting healthy nutrition, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, strength, and mental health. These initiatives are designed to tackle barriers to exercise such as time constraints, lack of knowledge, and lack of resources for those on campus. By participating in EIM-OC, students gain skills in communication, advertising, and event planning. The EIM-OC team is looking forward to changing campus culture regarding health and wellness in the coming years by providing education and opportunities among students and faculty.

Faculty Advisor

Jessica Phelan


Health and Human Performance

Submission Type

in-person poster




Ryssa Schlaefli, Derek Mesa, Kalinn Baumgartner