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Kindergarten through grade 12 schools are institutions where youth go to learn, grow, and sculpt their minds for their future. For some youth, schools do not present a warm and welcoming environment, and instead, respond in ways that create negative outcomes for certain youth. Factors like bullying, poor student-to-teacher interactions, and negative parental attachment can cause youth to have problems in school. Minority youth are also more likely to get in trouble in school for the same behaviors as their white counterparts. The school-to-prison pipeline is a pathway that begins in the school system that operates under the notion of zero tolerance for some youth (e.g., youth of color). Once a youth enters the juvenile justice system, the likelihood of having adult criminal legal system involvement is then increased. As such, this poster will describe the factors of the school-to-prison pipeline and propose changes.

Faculty Advisor

April Terry


Criminal Justice

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in-person poster




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