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The impact of COVID-19 has had implications for every single lifestyle and business (Sharma et al., 2022). Not only did it impact the economy, but the service industry took the brunt of it. The industries most affected by COVID-19 over the period January 2020 to January 2022 included “airlines, automobiles, energy equipment and services, hotels-restaurants-leisure, and specialty retail (Vidovic, 2022). When airlines and recreation parts of the industry did not return to pre- pandemic levels in November of 2021, the United States saw a reflection of the appeal for more local tourism (Linn et al., 2022). Local tourism, including restaurants, allows young entrepreneurs and locally owned businesses to involve more rural and cultural excursions (Xu et al., 2022). This case study explores one young entrepreneur's experience opening a restaurant post-Covid and the unexpected challenges and opportunities he endured. It identifies the support and resources needed in communities to assist local tourism entrepreneurs to ensure future success.

Key Words: COVID-19; pandemic; entrepreneurship; restaurants

Faculty Advisor

Stacey Smith


Applied Business Studies

Submission Type

in-person poster




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