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Feather coloration is used for social signaling in many avian species, and can be associated with their ability to live and breed in habitats with high quality resources (Jenkins et al. 2013, Saino et al. 2013). It can signify individual quality, (Saino et al. 2013) and influence mate choice (Bennet et al. 1996). We analyzed different aspects of Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon pyrrhonota) feather coloration in relation to morphology and habitat characteristics. We measured luminance, hue (theta and phi), and saturation for four different color patches on the swallows. We predicted that individuals in brighter coloration would be able to settle in larger colonies and areas with higher quality resources, such as higher water levels. We also predicted individuals in brighter coloration would be in better body condition and have heavier mass. We predicted males and females would differ in coloration.

Faculty Advisor

Medhavi Ambardar



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in-person poster




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