SACAD: John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activity Days


Group projects are frequently used in higher education courses to facilitate collaboration; however, group effectiveness can vary greatly, resulting in individual stress and poor academic performance. To alleviate this, some instructors utilize peer evaluation. While instructors are well intentioned these rubrics rarely, if ever, are grounded in the constructs of collaboration that they wish to foster. This research poster reports on an ongoing project to develop a self and peer evaluation grounded in psychological capital and emotional intelligence, the EQ-PSY Evaluation. These constructs were selected based on their dimensions for individual and social capacities to capture effective teamwork.

This poster will report on preliminary findings from a semester-long leadership course which is designed to scaffold students through a group-led project and implemented the EQ-PSY Evaluation. Findings will be discussed, and attendees will be able to provide feedback to the researchers. The EQ-PSY Evaluation will be available for attendees to modify and take back to use in their own teaching contexts. This project has implications for understanding member interaction among student project teams, and potential implications for how educators can facilitate teams to interact more effectively together.

Faculty Advisor

Brent J Goertzen



Submission Type

in-person poster




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