SACAD: John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activity Days


Collecting baseline data on species or taxa of interest is crucial prior to conducting targeted restoration or management activities to determine if such actions had the desired outcomes. The purpose of this project was to acoustically identify the species of bats present at the former Emery Landfill site in Wichita Kansas. Data collected will serve as a baseline for future monitoring and restoration activities at the site. Three SM4Bat acoustic detectors were deployed at the site from June-October, 2023. The recorded bat calls were analyzed using Kaleidoscope Pro software and will be compared to the acoustic data collected in 2021-2022 from nearby sites. Such surveys are increasingly important with the spread of white-nose syndrome causing dramatic declines in many bat species, including the Tricolored Bat (Perimyotis subflavus), which has been detected in Wichita. Learning which species of bats are using this site can also help inform conservation and remediation efforts for a previously unmeasured taxon.

Faculty Advisor

Lorelei Patrick



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in-person poster




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