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Hydrophobic vanadium complexes have recently shown improved anti-cancer activities compared to cisplatin. The hydrophobicity and anti-proliferative activity of [VO(Hshed)(dtb)] ([Hshed= N-(salicylideneaminato)-N’-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1,2-ethanediamine and dtb= 3,5-di(tert-butyl)catechol)]) have inspired the development of a library of hydrophobic vanadium complexes. Increasing the steric bulk of the catechol ligand has been shown to have a direct impact on hydrophobicity and anti-proliferative activities. Currently at Fort Hays State University, the Braasch-Turi group is synthesizing VO(HSHED)(dtb) to build up material to support the chemical analysis and biological assay performed by our collaborators at Colorado State University and the University of Sydney, Australia, respectively. In the future, we plan on synthesizing the catechol rings with chiral terpenes and flavonoid derivatives and synthesizing catechol-cycloalkane fused ring systems. The synthesized ligands will be shipped to our collaborators to be used in synthesizing the vanadium complexes and then to our collaborators for biological assay.

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Maggi Braasch-Turi



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in-person poster




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