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The Department of Teaching Innovation and Learning Technologies (TILT) at Fort Hays State University aims to establish the “Frontier Lab for AI Readiness” (FLAIR) to harness innovative artificial intelligence methods for the growth and development of Northwest Kansas. This initiative would position FHSU as the epicenter for AI training, education, and advancement on the Great Plains. FLAIR's objectives are threefold: First, it will offer educational opportunities to FHSU students and the Northwest Kansas community, including certificates, badges, and apprenticeships, through genuine interdisciplinary collaborations. This lab will equip learners for an AI-focused workforce. Second, FLAIR would connect with the community to tackle rural-specific challenges by applying AI to support sectors like agriculture, education, healthcare, small businesses, data analysis, and community infrastructures. Last, it will ensure that AI's transformative power benefits the regional economy by working closely with local enterprises to boost workforce development. By launching FLAIR, FHSU aims to become a leader in applied AI, foster interdisciplinary and community-wide technological collaborations, and chart a sustainable course for Northwest Kansas. As the integration of AI becomes more widespread, FHSU would be poised to lead its application in rural settings.

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Dr. Magdalene Moy



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in-person poster




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