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This project explores the implementation of Student Success Coaches at Augusta Technical College (Augusta Tech) and their potential impact on the rates of overall program completion and the rate of diverse student program completion. Framed within the GROW model and Sociocultural Learning Theory, the project aims to determine if coaching interventions address barriers to completion and foster a supportive learning environment. A mixed-methods exploratory approach was employed, combining empirical data such as retention rates and demographics with qualitative information from surveys. Anticipated results suggest an increase in overall completion rates from 55.34% to 80% and an increase in diverse completion from 24.05% to 60%. However, limitations exist, including potential unforeseen variables and the subjective nature of qualitative data that may affect the validity and generalizability of the results. Still, the anticipated findings show that Student Success Coaches have the potential to advance health equity and workforce diversity, aligning with the national initiative of the Future of Nursing 2030 report. Thus, securing funding through the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act's federal grant could provide essential resources for sustaining these coaching initiatives, ensuring their long-term impact on nursing education and practice.

Keywords: Student Success Coach, retention, coaching, diversity

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Dr. Christine Hober



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