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Understanding the prevalence and service needs of underserved populations affected by gender-based violence (GBV) is crucial, as their experiences are often underreported, and existing services frequently fall short of effectively addressing their needs. In this presentation, "underserved populations" refers to historically marginalized, underrepresented, and inadequately supported groups as victims of GBV.

The presentation examines various services, including direct forms like shelter and advocacy, and indirect approaches such as systemic interventions and policy reform. Conducted in a Midwestern state, the presentation involved insights from advocates, victim shelter staff, law enforcement, and legal professionals, totaling 41 responses. Findings reveal significant service disparities, especially in rural areas, due to insufficient funding and support infrastructure, exacerbated by factors like isolated locations and victim-blaming attitudes. Addressing these disparities requires improving service accessibility in rural areas and advocating for comprehensive statewide policies to support survivors.


Criminal Justice

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