SACAD: John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activity Days


An important environmental issue that has a profound effect on human welfare, socioeconomic stability, and global ecosystems is desertification. A little over 12 million hectares of land perish year due to the damaging impacts of desertification, which is made worse by overgrazing, deforestation, and inadequate water management. This not only results in a significant loss of arable land, capable of producing 20 million tons of grain, but also in substantial economic repercussions, with estimated annual losses reaching USD 42 billion (UNCCD, 2020). The enormity of the problem emphasizes how urgently we need practical, long-term solutions to stop and reverse the process of desertification. In order to solve this issue, robotic planting technology is presented in this research. Its potential to effectively reforest damaged areas and lessen the negative consequences of desertification on ecosystems and human populations is highlighted.

Faculty Advisor

Jeanne Sumrall



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online only poster




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