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Introduction: The rates of unreported sexual assaults on college campuses is astounding. This can be attributed to different factors, some of those including access to a location where they are able to receive a Sexual Assault Kit, transportation to locations that offer that service, and overall lack of education pertaining to the process after sexual assault. It can be seen on campuses that offer these services; students are utilizing the service at higher rates that expected.

Purpose: The aim of this study is to determine how to provide students with sexual assault care on college campuses in hopes to resolve barriers that impede being able to access the care needed after sexual assault.

Methods: The literature found pertaining to this practice is in vast support of the implementation of access to sexual assault care/exams on college campuses. A literature review helps one understand the importance of equipping/providing their students with the care that they need post-assault.

Findings: Research is in progress. On college campuses who provide these services, many students are aware of steps needed to be taken to access care they need after an assault. The rates of reported cases are on the rise after the implementation of the services being offered on college campuses.

Relevance to Kansas: The results gathered establish evidence to help determine the process of providing sexual assault care to students on college campuses in Kansas. The proposed solutions, if implemented, would allow students to access to much needed medical care after a sexual assault.

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Dr. Ziwei Qi



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in-person poster




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