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The present study theoretically investigated the effects of long-term use of hormonal birth control on the female cardiovascular and neurologic systems. The setting will take place at Fort Hays State University campus. Our participants of the survey will include 200 random females ages 16 to 25. This data will be taken from those women who take hormonal birth control versus those females who do not take it on a daily basis. The long-term use of hormonal birth control is creating changes in the neurological and cardiovascular system. Evidence from previous research shows alterations to both the structure and function of the brain. These neurological effects are causing changes in these women’s emotions. Additional studies showed an increased risk of developing a venous thrombosis from long term use of hormonal birth control. We will conduct a nonexperimental and comparative study. The results will be pending with our data collection.

Keywords: Hormonal birth control, brain, emotions, venous thrombosis

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Christine Hober



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