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A major shift in education developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and educators were forced to stay home, and new ways of learning emerged. Nursing is a hands on field and many skills must be learned hands on such as the technique for administering parenteral medications. To master a skill such as this you need to be able to hold the supplies and understand how to properly dose a medication.This was definitely a challenge to teach students hands-on skills when being in a hands on skill lab environment was not allowed. Nurse educators started to create innovative ways to teach different skills and were able to triumph over some of those obstacles. Many educators turned to social media (YouTube) to help guide students in proper skill performance.There is an abundance of social media vides available on a wide variety of platforms but not all nursing skill videos are backed by evidence. The skill videos that are backed by evidence and taught by educators who are masters in a skill could be useful for the development of confidence of skill performance in an undergraduate nursing student.

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Christine Hober



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