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The Integration of Electronic Lab Data on Student Cell Phones for Enhanced Nursing Education and Practice



In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, technology plays an increasingly pivotal role in shaping educational approaches and professional practice. This paper explores the potential impact of incorporating electronic lab data onto student cell phones to augment nursing education and practice. With the persistent evolution of mobile technology, leveraging student-owned devices for educational purposes offers a promising avenue to enhance learning experiences and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and clinical application. By analyzing existing literature, this study aims to elucidate the benefits, challenges, and implications of integrating electronic lab data on student cell phones within nursing education programs. Key themes include accessibility, convenience, interactive learning, and improved clinical decision-making. Furthermore, considerations regarding data security, privacy concerns, and technological infrastructure are discussed. Overall, the synthesis of literature underscores the transformative potential of this innovative approach in fostering more effective nursing education and ultimately enhancing patient care outcomes.

Keywords: electronic lab data, student cell phones, nursing education, mobile technology, clinical practice

Faculty Advisor

Tanya Smith, PhD, RN, CNE



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online only poster




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