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Simulation has become a significant component of nursing education in recent years, especially with the increasing demand for high-fidelity simulations. However, nursing education struggles to keep up with the ever-changing healthcare technology, specifically electronic health records (EHR). Integrating EHRs into nursing education in areas such as the lab or simulation settings has the potential to impact overall patient safety, familiarity with similar technology, critical thinking skills, and practice readiness of student nurses. A review of the literature was performed, and it was found that the implementation and integration of an EHR in nursing education has overwhelming effects on overall student performance. Positive results of EHR implantation and integration not only simulate the clinical setting but also improve students ' adaptability to EHR with familiarity, prioritization, nursing skills, and critical thinking, directly affecting patient safety.

Keywords: electronic health record (EHR), student nurse, nursing education, patient safety, practice readiness, simulation, critical thinking

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Dr. Christine Hober



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online only poster




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