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This report outlines the analysis of Pearlette volcanic ash in Lincoln County Kansas. Both field and lab methods were used to compile this report. Fort Hays State University alumni Dr. Ron Whitmer allowed use of his property on which the ash is found. Auguring was utilized as the main form of field work which allowed mapping of the subsurface ash layer. The ash was analyzed by UMKC using their scanning electron microscope (SEM). At Fort Hays, the SEM reports were compared to thin sections of the ash using plane and cross polarized light in petrographic microscopes. The ash is comprised of mainly amorphous glass which was determined using both SEM and petrographic microscopes. Using Kansas Geological Survey literature, it can be determined that the ash is approximately 2 million years old and came from the Yellowstone area during an eruption (Carey). Even though Kansas is not volcanically active, this ash is used for different economical reasons and the origin and extent of these ash beds is important to better understanding the geology of the region.

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Dr. Jon Sumrall



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in-person poster




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