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The goal of this study is to create new mutations in the ASYMMETRIC LEAVES 1 (AS1) gene of Arabidopsis using CRISPR technology. AS1 is a myb domain transcription factor that represses the KNOX genes, a group of genes involved in maintaining an undifferentiated cell state. AS1 binds to the chromatin remodeling protein Histone Repressor A (HIRA). In animals, HIRA is involved in the permanent suppression of proliferation genes required for early development. The interaction between AS1 and HIRA provides clues to how AS1 maintains suppression at the KNOX genes; however, we must be careful applying what is known in animal systems to plants because there are key differences between the two during development. Most notably, plant development occurs throughout the lifecycle, and unlike animals, plant cells more readily un-differentiate and re-differentiate. We are working to create new AS1 CRISPR mutants to better understand the structure and function of the AS1 protein and how it physically interacts with HIRA in plants. We are currently screening plants for the presence of mutations in the AS1 gene. This work will allow us to better understand how genes are regulated during cellular differentiation during leaf development.

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Dr. Tara Phelps-Durr



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