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Misophonia is a disorder that involves a negative response to specific stimuli, commonly repetitive sounds, or movements. It is not in the DSM-5-TR, and in many cases, people with misophonia self-diagnose. They unite over their shared symptoms, such as the intense “anger, distress, disgust, and anxiety” they feel (Remmert et al., 2022, p. 2). The Misophonia Podcast is one platform where people who identify as having misophonia can share their experiences, providing over a hundred public testimonies from people with a range of backgrounds. Through these casual interviews, the guests with misophonia reveal details regarding their individual experiences with the disorder, including triggers/activators, coping mechanisms, and the emotions they experience. Little research exists on misophonia and its treatments (Ferrer-Torres et al., 2022, p. 18), leaving people with misophonia on their own to discover what strategies work best for them. As lifestyle choices may reflect a complex relationship with one’s mental disorder, this study analyzes how education level and occupation type may relate to the social support, coping mechanisms, and attitudes people have regarding their misophonia. The only significant correlation found was between job alone time and variety of coping mechanisms, but further research is needed to determine whether this correlation stems from the nature of the podcast and how the data was collected. The lack of significant findings suggests complexity within the misophonia community; people with misophonia can have similar experiences despite their varied lifestyles.

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Dr. Janett Naylor-Tincknell



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