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I analyze the relationship between income range and exercise level. The data that I have selected for this project was obtained from the Health Information National Trends Survey website. The specific question that the respondents were asked was, “In a typical week, how many days do you do any physical activity or exercise of at least moderate intensity, such as brisk walking, bicycling at a regular pace, swimming at a regular pace, and heavy gardening?”. My thoughts when determining my research topic were that individuals who are in the higher income brackets would respond to the survey indicating that they exercised more often than those in the lower income brackets. My thought process was that higher income earners would have more free time due to having more disposable income for things like child care, personal transportation, days off from work, gym memberships, etc. compared to lower income earners. There were also several other questions that were asked of the respondents that I included in my research in order to account for other possible variables. I also felt that this research question was important from a socioeconomic standpoint because if the research showed that there was a correlation between income and exercise level, that could have implications for increasing minimum wage, more paid days off, and other improvements to employer benefits. As a result of my research, I found that there was a positive relationship between the amount of income that the respondents earned and the amount of physical activity that they did each day.


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