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In a technology and social media-driven society, we are constantly being fed content from the screens around us that provide updates, communication between friends and organizations, and events happening around us. This content is coming from so many social platforms, causing information to get cluttered in with other media, causing content not to be seen on time or causing it not to be relevant, and determining what platform your audience is primarily using can be difficult. Making it hard to keep members engaged, religious organizations see this happen quite often, which can cause the number of members to go down and make it difficult for them to gain new members or reach current members. This is where Campus Connect comes into the picture. One app which specifically targets ministry-based organizations. Offering real time updates and communication from leaders and members of ministries, with features such announcements, calendar events with a timeline view everything taking place, user to user messaging as well group messaging to communicate with everyone in your ministry, and most the most important feature prayer request that letting you know how each and every one of your members are doing. With Campus Connect you won’t just engage better, because your content is being seen but you’ll be able to build your community and grow your ministry and expand the kingdom of God.


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