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Simulation is a cornerstone of nursing education today because simulation allows nursing faculty the opportunity to expose students to real-life clinical scenarios of varied complexity and acuity in an environment where there is no risk of injury to patients or students. One of the pillars of utilizing simulation technology in nursing education is engaging in thorough debriefing. The debrief process serves as both a formative assessment of student’s clinical performance as well as an opportunity for students to apply theoretical nursing knowledge to clinical scenarios that he, she, or they may encounter in professional practice (Bonnel et al., 2019). However, with the multi-tasking required to implement and operate a simulated scenario, nursing faculty can miss details of an individual student’s performance which hinders the faculty’s ability to provide detailed feedback to the student. A thorough debrief experience allows students to engage in self-evaluation through reflection to identify his, her, or their growth opportunities, and faculty must be able to provide thorough feedback to facilitate that reflection process for students (Alhaj & Mussallam, 2018). SIM-Capture is a simulation tool provided by Leardal Medical that, when integrated into a Leardal simulation system, records all student actions in simulated scenarios to provide detailed, real-time feedback regarding the student’s performance. The integration of this technology may be a key tool for nursing faculty as a means of accurately recording student’s clinical performance in simulation in order to inform the subsequent debrief process in order to maximize student learning in the simulation environment.



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