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The goal of this project was to successfully launch a high-powered rocket with a camera inside of the nose cone and to get more experience using cameras in rockets. The first step of making the camera rocket was cutting out the bottom of the nose cone and inserting a sled with a camera in it into the nose cone and drilling a hole for the camera to see. The rocket we chose was a "Hi-Tech" rocket. This is a very simple and durable high-powered rocket kit and was easy to modify. Once we had built the rocket, we were ready to do a test flight. On March 29, 2023, we launched the rocket with camera in the nose cone on the University farm. The rocket was launched on a G-80, which is a common motor to use with Hi-Tech. The launch went well. The flight was straight and stable, and the parachute ejected well, even if a little late. The camera also worked well. We got great video, and the camera did not shift at all. We had a simple GPS tracker in the payload section of the Hi-Tech that allowed us to easily find the rocket when it landed. Overall, It was a successful flight, and a successful project. We have all gained valuable experience from this, and hope to put it to good use on bigger and better projects in the future.

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Dr. Paul Adams



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in-person poster




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