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3rd Place - Empirical Undergraduate


Empirical Undergraduate


Introduction: Stuttering is a communication disorder that may present difficulties such as producing fluent speech, having a fear of speaking, and experiencing limited inclusion, which. greatly impacts the quality of life and education of people who stutter. University instructors may work closely with students who stutter. Specifically, instructors in the major of communication sciences and disorders (CSD) are critical in educating and influencing the attitudes of future professionals who will advocate for the stuttering community. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the attitudes toward stuttering of university instructors in the field of CSD, and other majors as well as to compare. Methods: The POSHA-S survey was spread to collect data from 300 college instructors in CSD and non-CSD majors. This data collection will be used to complete our empirical research. The data collected was analyzed using SPSS and compared to the global data in the IPATHA database. Findings: Data collected from 91 CSD faculty and 77 non-CSD faculty showed statistically significant differences between the Overall Stuttering Scores and the Beliefs scores of the two groups. No statistically significant difference was found between their Self-reaction scores. Compared with the IPATHA global data, both groups showed more positive attitudes toward stuttering. However, findings showed that non-CSD instructors need more education regarding their beliefs and attitude toward stuttering.

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Dr. Yan Ma


Communication Sciences and Disorders

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in-person poster




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