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Baseball is said to be the oldest sport in America and considered to be America’s past time. Since the beginning, significant amounts of statistics and data have been recorded to examine a team’s wins, batting average, on-base percentage, and numerous other categories to give an in-depth explanation of a team’s season. In this research project our objective is to see if there is a statistical relationship between a certain team’s batting average that correlates to their wins and success over the course of a season. This is important because if batting average plays a role in determining who wins the game, we will be able to more likely predict the outcome of the game by comparing one team’s batting average to their opponent’s batting average which will allow us to determine who wins the game. Our main findings include that there is a significant relationship between a team’s batting average, on-base percentage, and walked batters and their number of wins. However, there is no statistical evidence between strikeouts and wins in the MLB. There are certain games and wins that tend to be influenced by strikeouts, however, as a whole, MLB teams and their strikeouts are not affected by whether or not they win a certain game.


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