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Electronic health records are an integral part of the healthcare system and have been found to improve access to health services, increase efficiency within the health care system, & enhance the safety and quality of patient care (Kleib et al., 2021). Despite how vital EHRs are in healthcare, research found that only 20% of nurses surveyed had EHR training within the school (Repsha et al., 2020). When nursing students do receive simulated EHR training their documenting and critical thinking skills have shown to improve (Everett-Thomas et al., 2021). Students also report high satisfaction with use of the simulated EHR system. While there is research on the impact of simulated EHR education on nursing students, there is limited information on the impact of simulated EHR education on nurse aide students. It is anticipated that nurse aide students who experienced simulated EHR training within their nurse aide course reported higher confidence levels when using EHR systems in the clinical environment and when in the workforce than nurse aide students who did not receive simulated EHR training



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