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The traditional format of face-to-face instruction was suddenly halted in the spring of 2020 resulting in an unprecedented shift toward alternative methods of course delivery. The impact of this change disrupted the academic environment and its ability to effectively prepare students for professional career. This study examines changes of students’ perception on higher education and the impact on career development among students majoring in the agricultural sciences or enrolled in department of agricultural classes. The goals were to determine student perceptions of online education (i) changes in student perceptions of course education and career opportunities, (ii) altered student comfort with online education and communication, (iii) limitations on student preparedness for professional development, and (iv) perceptions of future employment opportunities. This study is ongoing, and results are preliminary. However, a total of 51 students responded. Students noted a decrease in their ability to pay attention, instructor communication, and instructor effort to online delivery. Most student did not have to purchase new or improved technology. However, access to reliable, fast internet was problematic. When offered face-to-face and hybrid course formats were favored over the online asynchronous and synchronous. Students preferred to have options when choosing course delivery and appreciated the face-to-face and hybrid format that the Department of Agriculture continue to offer during the 2020-2021 academic year. Some students changed their degree major because of course delivery and did not feel prepared to enter the workforce.

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Dr. Iryna McDonald & Dr. Brian Sancewich



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in-person poster




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