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Introduction: Small-sided games (SSGs) for soccer typically use 2-5 players per team on a smaller field. Soccer coaches employ SSGs to simulate specific aspects of full-sized soccer and optimize practice time by working on multiple match components at once. This review was conducted to see if SSGs also improved the physical ability of soccer players, specifically a player’s repeated sprint ability (RSA). Methods: Research databases were searched using specific keywords. Articles were filtered to identify suitable articles for the review. The 4 articles identified were evaluated on participant characteristics, program prescription, load dosage, playing area dimensions, and RSA scores Results: Eighty articles were identified during the initial search, but only 4 met all inclusion criteria. The overall conclusion from this limited sample of articles was that SSGs improved RSA scores in specific categories. Conclusions: SSGs can be recommended to professionals as a potential method for improving physical performance capacity of soccer players. Additional high quality studies are needed to better clarify the impact of specific SSG rules and field dimensions for optimizing RSA improvement.

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Dr. Greg Kandt


Health and Human Performance

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