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This is a study of a Codell Sandstone outcrop in the Northern part of Ellis County, Kansas. The Codell Sandstone outcrop is part of a much larger section of the Codell Sandstone that is a part of the southern Denver Basin. It extends over the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota. This section of the Codell overlies the Blue Hill Shale and is overlain by the Fort Hays Limestone. The Codell was formed during the Late Cretaceous period. In Colorado and Wyoming, it is mainly a gas and oil reservoir, while in Kansas it is a domestic aquifer for many agricultural areas. The outcrop was formed during the time of the Western Interior Seaway. One study has been done over the exact outcrop of what I viewed, called “The type section of the Codell Sandstone” written by James Hagadorn , Mark Longman, Richard Bottjer , Virginia Gent, Christopher Holm Denoma , and Jonathon Sumrall. The discussion portion is a surface look at each of the layers instead of focusing on one particular layer .

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