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Empirical Undergraduate


In this research project, we aim to understand and explain the variables that are influencing the child mortality rate across various countries. This study is vital because if there is a significant factor in the effect and we can reliably determine infant mortality, more infant mortality can be reduced or prevented. The variables we work with are the child mortality rate as the dependent variable and various independent variables such as the GDP per capita, the number of nurses and midwives, the strength of legal rights index, the immunization measles, the current health expenditure per capita, the population living in slums, and the Intentional homicides. Our analysis of these variables utilizes data from the World Bank. With this data, by running regressions and conducting tests, we are able to detect any issues with multicollinearity, autocorrelation, and heteroskedasticity. Our results show a presence of heteroskedasticity. Due to this, we log the dependent variable. Our main findings include that the statistically significant variables in our regression model are the number of nurses and midwives and the immunization measles.

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sam Schreyer


Economics, Finance, & Accounting

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in-person poster




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