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Introduction: Treatment with laser light energy has been utilized as a modality for pain reduction, modulating inflammation process, and promoting tissue repair for many years. The most recent laser version is called class IV. The purpose of this study was to review the efficacy of class IV lasers on orthopedic injuries and disorders. Methods: Randomized control trial studies using class IV laser treatment were reviewed. The quality of studies was assessed with inclusion and exclusion criteria. Pain reduction, range of motion (ROM), strength, and disability were the main outcomes. Results: 10 articles met inclusion criteria. Improvements in pain ROM, strength, and disabilities were observed after class IV laser treatment and in follow-up evaluations. Conclusions: Class IV laser therapy shows potential as an effective modality for pain reduction and improving function in patients with orthopedic injuries and disorders. Further research is needed to examine appropriate dosage and parameters for optimal effects.

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Dr. Greg Kandt


Health and Human Performance

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