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The purpose of this project was to utilize GIS software to develop a population and daily domestic water resource requirement analysis for Mesa County, Colorado by answering the question of what municipalities within the county have the highest potential of developing water insecurities between the years 2000 and 2019. The methods for developing the spatiotemporal population change of Mesa County, Colorado utilize attribute manipulation and statistical tools within ArcGIS Pro. The four municipalities, Clifton, Loma, Fruita , Grand Junction, and Orchard Mesa experienced the greatest population increase and daily water resource requirement increase marking these areas as the most likely to develop water insecurities in the future. While substantial population growth has taken place over the past twenty years through the county, most of the of growth occurred between 2000 and 2010, allowing for municipalities to adapt to the increase in population over the past decade. This project took a broad view of the county’s daily water use and found that the county has access to enough fresh water to support a growing population, and that other factors such as surface water quality and management are a more pressing line of study.



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