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The purpose of the cut down circuit is to reduce the time of the tread. Test objects are other people's experiments to reach an altitude when the operation of the cut is naturally a balloon, which was originally set to wait for about four hours of tracking. Apply the cut down circuit, but can be reduced to one hour. In other words, efficiency can be maximized. So we need to cut down the circuit because we can catch both the desired result and efficiency at once. So we can save the time of tracing and don’t have to be in the car for a long time. Another purpose is, for some experiment they need data on a specific altitude. And cut down circuit makes it able to stop and go down on a certain altitude. Otherwise, the cut down circuit makes the balloon able to cut down on certain temperatures or pressure too. The sensor of this cut down circuit is called by “BMP 180”. This sensor can sense three things: Altitude, Temperature, Pressure. So not only making program to work depends on altitude, but also makes it able to cut on specific Temperature, Pressure or considering all three things so for example, If the cut-down circuit programmed to cut on 10800m, -4 C, 100Kpa, It is able to make cut down to cut down on whenever it reaches on one option or, it is able to program it to cut only when the environment matches all three conditions.



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